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Benefits and Characteristics of Business Phone Services


VoIP business phone services have altered the way businesspeople manage their firms in Orlando. Business phone services offered by firms like VoiceOnyx has various advantages over the traditional phone services whereby you get more features at a much lower cost. Some of the things you should look out for in the business phone service company you choose include the following.



Business phone services offered by reputed companies such as VoiceOnyx at are usually much more cost-effective than the traditional phone service. Since the technology they use allows you to use internet connectivity to access calls, you don't need to pay the long-distance fees you used to with the analog landline service.


Quality of Sound

Business phone services offered nowadays by firms such as VoiceOnyx provide exceptional sound quality when compared to the traditional one. This is because the sound from this phone service is processed digitally making its quality better.



These business phone services from firms like VoiceOnyx have much more Flexibility when compared to its analog counterparts. Even though you will need to pay for the initial set up, it is easy to grow your phone service as your business expands without a lot of trouble. Apart from that, you can be able to handle a lot of changes and additions yourself through the easy to use web interface provided by the phone service provider. To read more about the benefits of business phone system, go to



Currently, VoIP Business phone service options provide features that are included in the base price or can be offered at a very minimal cost. This will, in turn, save you a significant amount of money when compared to analog services. A few of those features include:


Call Forwarding

This is one of the essential services phone companies like VoiceOnyx provides. Call forwarding allows you to have calls forwarded to any phone including your cell phone. This way, whenever someone calls the office, you can simply answer on your cell phone even if you are not in the office. 



This is the other crucial feature business phone services should have. Voicemail allows you to receive voice messages left on your phone if the person calling couldn't find you at that time. You can also be able to add voicemail for more users if necessary with the business phone service. 


Call Screening or Blocking

These business phone service orlando from firms like VoiceOnyx allow you to block or screen calls whenever you need to. This is particularly crucial if you are using an 800 number for your company because every call that comes in has to be paid for. Therefore, having the ability to block or screen calls means that you are not going to waste your time or money on unwanted callers or telemarketers.